AVS Racing Website

AVS Racing is a downhill and cross country cycling hand guard manufacturer. They are the only business in the industry with this kind of product tailored exclusively for cycling rather than motocross. 


The Home Page

I believe the homepage needs to be the most attractive page of a website as it is the deciding point for a visitor to decide to turn back or to stay on the site and learn more. When coming up with a design, I decided to go with a dark theme because it matches a bold and 'extreme sports' style more than a classic white look. A website needs to complement the brand's personality since, in this case, it is the place where the company will interact the most with it's consumers and get most of its sales.

I tried to fit key components of the site right in the user's first look without needing to scroll down. Visible right away is the large hero image to show visitors the product in an athlete's hands, a condensed selection of best seller items, and a short description of what AVS Racing is selling. Just below, there's a call to action for the user to see / buy other products, which is the main purpose of the site: an online point of sale.



The products available for purchase on the website are highly customizable so one of the main design challenges was to create an interface with a good user experience that could be easy to understand and use when purchasing items. I wanted to find a solution that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also limited the number of clicks needed to complete the product customization. So I split the process into 3 panels with clear and simple instructions, all on the same page so the user is aware of how many steps there are, and can visualize how much there is to do before having a finished product.


Choosing the hand guard colour.


Choosing the metal attachments.


Choosing the sticker style and colour.