Stratford Police Service Website

In the winter of 2016, I took part in an in-class contest to redesign the current Police Service website for the city of Stratford, Ontario. The aim for my team was to refresh the site by giving it a more modern and polished look, to show just enough creativity while still staying true to a classic and serious police website, and to have the information better organized and easier to find for the wide demographics of the city of Stratford.


Information Hierarchy

The original website was tough to navigate as the information was not structured and displayed in the best possible way. It was difficult to quickly find what you needed without clicking through multiple pages. That is why one of the main goals in our team was to reorganize the information in a more logical manner and display it more efficiently.

We did so by changing the main tabs (which meant separating and grouping information for a better fit and moving all the pages around), and by displaying quick links on the homepage to the most frequented pages to quickly send users the way they want to go.

Look & Usability

We want the site to keep a classic police look so the colours red and blue stayed as our main elements in our colour palette, but we switched up the style a little by placing a colourful stripe through the header and browser background that is consistent throughout the entire site. Every top-level page has a modern hero-sized image to help introduce / explain the page title. 

The site needs to be extremely easy to use as a large part of the population in Stratford is elderly. An example of the design choices we took to accommodate for that is the use of large icons. Large buttons with simple icons are used across the site to help users find what they need and visualize what they will find behind the links.

To view the live site, Click here!